Jason Garrett's Window Could Close

So Jason Garrett has another year in Dallas.  Another year to get his act as an offensive coordinator together so he can become a head coach.

If the Cowboys aren't scoring big and the Cowboys don't win, he may be out of a job.  Then that means he will not have another shot to become a head coach.  He would be cold product in NFL circles.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated backs up my point, "Jason Garrett didn't strike while the iron was hot last year, when he could have coached Atlanta or Baltimore. And he may be paying for it for years to come. When he lost out on the St. Louis job, Garrett, barring the absolutely misguided idea of getting involved in Oakland or the longshot chance in Kansas City if that turns over, likely bought himself another year in the slippery coaching slope that is Dallas. And no one on the Cowboys coaching staff should be buying a big home in Texas anytime soon. So Garrett could go from turning down the Ravens gig in 2008 to -- just maybe -- being someone's quarterback coach in 2010."

Now if Garrett is smart he tells Jerry Jones to get rid of T.O. because Owens is not buying into the program.  If Owens is going to question how he is used week in and week out, Garrett would be wise to get in the owner's ear and say T.O. must go.

Make no bones about it....Garrett and Owens do not like each other.  Calvin Watkins of the Morning News had this juicy bit from the Senior Bowl in Alabama, "I certainly have a lot of respect for him as a player," Garrett said. "And we'll just leave it at that."

Garrett politely ended the interview at this point, leaving a ton of room to read between the lines. Garrett, who danced around a question about potential communication breakdowns with Tony Romo late in the season, certainly didn't say anything to shoot down the belief that he'd rather not have T.O. around Valley Ranch next season.

It's clear to me Jones can't have both men work it out.  It won't work.  Owens history is he can't forgive or forget.  I say run Owens and make Roy Williams the lead dog at wide receiver. 

Jason Witten will remain the top target for Tony Romo.  Add in Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton, and Sam Hurd at the other wide receiver spots.  The Cowboys can win with that.

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