Jason Garrett Not Loved In St. Louis

Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett won't the Rams job if St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist, Byran Burwell, has anything to say about it.

Burwell just calls out Garrett:

Then I look at Garrett, and this is what I see:

I see a so-called boy genius who went from the Cowboys' untouchable head-coach-in-waiting to a flawed character whom Jerry Jones has readily (eagerly?) allowed to freely seek other options.

So how do you go overnight from the NFL's highest-paid assistant coach — a mere heartbeat away from coaching the world's most famous football team — to a guy Jones is pretty much trying to palm off on any available suitor (sucker)?

Devaney has made it clear what he is looking for in a head coach, and on the top of that list is leadership. Garrett might well one day become a great head coach and a compelling leader, but he isn't one now. Not even close. I see a young coach who has shown some very obvious and disturbing signs that he is unable to handle the rough stuff that a leader must cope with inside a locker room.

Exhibit No. 1: The always combustible Terrell Owens, who can rearrange the emotional furniture inside a locker room in a heartbeat, steamrolled Garrett this year, and it helped wreck the Cowboys' season. Owens never respected Garrett, and it showed, and Garrett never was able to get his T.O. problem under control. And because of it, the Cowboys locker room became splintered and dysfunctional.

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