It's Bracket Time Baby! Go With Your Gut

It's the greatest time of year. Aside from football season of course. It's March Madness, and selection Sunday gives all of us hope that our bracket will be the one that wins it all in the office pool. And by "all", I mean recreational bragging rights. One of the maddening things about the NCAA bracket is that it's mostly the girls, and non-sports fans than end up winning them. Why? It's obvious. They don't know anything. They go on highest seeds and uniform colors. Us sports fans try to pick every upset, and out think ourselves in order to put together the perfect bracket.

Allow this two-time defending champion to give you a little unsolicited advice. GO WITH YOUR GUT! Don't overthink, overanalyze, and listen to all of the socalled experts. Look at the pick. Be the pick. Make the pick. Don't hesitate. It's your bracket, own it.

Time to go study. Take care.

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