It’s the Holiday Season?

Every year, it seems to get earlier and earlier

Getty Images

Is it already the most wonderful time of the year? Retailers seem to think so, already decorating their stores with holiday fare -- 23 days before Black Friday.

The "holiday" season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, with retailers like Best Buy already sending a holiday themed ad to customers before Halloween was even over.

Some retailers, like Plano-based JCPenney, have launched their gift-specific online offerings, and they don't shy away from using Santa on the imagery.

In the current economic climate, with consumer confidence at a low, it's no wonder stores want to extend the "holiday" season to hopefully bring in more revenue.

Retailers like Walmart have even brought back layaway policies to enable customers to make high dollar purchases earlier in the season -- then pay off a little at a time as the season continues.

But it's not just the retailers that are starting their holiday drive earlier -- we've witnessed a half-dozen houses with their Christmas lights already up. Not. Cool.

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