It’s Almost Girl Scout Cookie Time

Get your Trefoils on Friday

Nothing says "see you later, New Year's diet resolution" like a box of Thin Mints -- or two. Maybe three.

Local Girl Scouts will begin selling cookies on Friday, this year celebrating the Girl Scouts' 100th anniversary.

Like always, Girl Scouts may be knocking on your door to offer some delicious dessert -- or breakfast, we're not judging -- but that's not the only place you can find them. Scouts will be out at local stores and supermarkets to sell cookies as well.

But if you need to track down some Peanut Butter Patties, don't work the "drive by every supermarket you see until you find some" circuit. The Girl Scout Cookie website has a useful tool to help you locate where the Scouts have set up shop.

Now comes the hard part -- deciding how many boxes to buy.

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