“It's A Hamburger Economy”

Even with the downturn in the economy, we can't seem to get enough hamburgers.

As Americans look to pinch pennies any way they can, it's no surprise that fewer folks are dining out -- but even with the downturn in the economy, there is still one kind of food we can't seem to get enough of...hamburgers.

"It's a hamburger economy," Kincaid's Ron Gentry told the Star-Telegram.

He's right -- McDonald's profits in the first quarter of the year were up, even when the economy was in shambles, and while their latest numbers have slid due to problems with the U.S. Dollar, overall sales have increased.

ABC News was first to call 2009 "the year of the burger," but many media entities (including Texas Monthly, DFW.com, and, of course, our own NBCDFW.com Golden Local award) have focused on finding the perfect patty during the year. 

With the hoopla so firmly fixated on the hamburger, it's not a wonder to see many chains devoted to them continue to open stores. Kincaid's just recently opened their North Fort Worth location (near Keller and Alliance), and Tim Love's latest Love Shack opens this week. Even the aforementioned Mickey-D's is expanding, bringing more and more eateries -- and jobs -- to the "hamburger economy."

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