Ishi Lures Crowd Onstage

The Double Wide was packed last Sunday night with people looking to shimmy along to the folktronic sounds of local band Ishi. The crowd was able to do just that when lead singer John Mudd invited the majority of the audience to join the band onstage for "Shake Your Dandelion."

"Pastel Lights" was another obvious fan favorite, judging from the dance party that erupted upon the first few notes of the song. During the band’s cover of New Order's “Bizarre Love Triangle," John allowed the crowd to take the reins.

This performance marked Ishi's first show without singer Taylor Rea and guitarist Rob Bastien. The band has welcomed Rocky Ottley to the tribe, whose other projects include Backside Pick.

Peep the rest of the pictures (most of them from Sunday's show) here, then head to Trees on June 24th for your chance to dance with the new lineup.

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