isFeasting Tells the Internet What You're Eating

Twitter-addicts, Facebook status updaters, and other micro-bloggers might rejoice when they hear this -- a new web service lets you tell the whole Internet what's in your lunchbox.

isFeasting's simple mission (a la Twitter's "What Are You Doing?" question) is to answer the question "What Are You Eating?"

The site works as a go between for Twitter and other isFeasting users, letting you send in a picture of what you're eating to a specialized e-mail address. Once you've sent in that delicious dish, isFeasting will let your friends know what you've been chewing.

To us, this service reeks of duplicated work -- even though you might have a Twitter habit that you just can't break, can't you just say "I'm eating..." before what's on your plate? We welcome your own opinions below.

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