Is Wade Phillips Hiring A Spy For Garrett?

Dan Reeves is coming back to the Cowboys as a consultant.

On the surface, some would say Reeves is coming in to be the co-coach head coach or even be the guy who would replace Phillips during the season if things start off badly.

How about this theory, Reeves, will be Wade's spy for the offense.

Follow me on this, last year Dom Capers was trying to come be a defensive consultant.  Capers was recommended by Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.  The two had a relationship dating back to their days as Miami Dolphin assistants.

Wade's defensive coordinator, Brian Stewart, was not happy about it.   Neither was Wade.  Capers was never hired last year.

Now a lot of shine is off Garrett's star.  So guess who gets do deal with a "consultant" now?  Garrett.

Wade is smart enough to say Reeves will not be an "offensive consultant", but if he calls the defenses again next season, there is no way he will have enough time to spend on the offense ,so I can see Reeves sitting in on the meetings and telling Wade what is going on and what he may want to change. 

A spy.  Reeves is going to be Wade's spy.

Last year the Cowboys offense was called "simplistic" by the Ravens.  T.O. and Tony Romo complained about the scheme but Garrett isn't going to be fired.  There is no guarantee he will be a better playcaller in 2009.

Wade is trying to save himself and Reeves is his buddy from their coaching days in Denver and Atlanta when Phillips served as his defensive coordinator.

Why not bring in your own guys to help you keep your job.  Wade is not the doofus so many fans think he is.

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