Is It A Pizzeria? A Bar? No, It's Sfuzzi

“It’s still chic, but more like 2000 chic.”

For the last five years, Sfuzzi owner and serious restaurateur Robert Columbo, quietly observed the corner spot where his newly opened pizzeria now operates.

“I’d look out on the space and say to myself, "Why doesn’t somebody do something great with that location,'” said Columbo.

After his bank took over the building, Columbo emerged as that very someone. As for “doing something great with the location,” the native New Yorker had pretty big designer Italian shoes to fill.

“The original Sfuzzi was the first upscale-casual restaurant in Dallas that morphed into a night club where beautiful people hung out,” explained Columbo between sips of his vodka soda. “We also were the first to marinate vodka with fruit, offer dipping oil with Balsamic vinegar, spice up calamari with cherry peppers and put arugula on our pizza.”

Where as the original Sfuzzi was cutting edge and somewhat trendy in the late ‘80s, today’s Sfuzzi harkens back to an old New York City pizzeria. But it’s still sexy.

Retro-fitted back to look the part, Sfuzzi is serving tasty Italian fare in a dark, almost bordello-like setting. Options abound, whether pizza, pasta or strong cocktails are your pleasure.

One diner who once frequented the original Sfuzzi back in the day, had this to say about it re-opening more than a couple decades later:

“I prefer this ambiance. I prefer it now. It feels almost European, it’s very Café Society,” said Charlotte Johnson.

Oh and or course, the original frozen Sfuzzi (white peach puree and Prosceco), inspired by the Harry Cipriani bellini years ago, is today still the restaurant’s top-selling cocktail.

Don’t let the cherry blossom pink color of this signature cocktail fool you. One too many could send you in a time warp back to when the original Sfuzzi was open, stirrup pants and all.

Find It:
2533 McKinney ave
Dallas, TX 75204

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