Investigators Testify In Murder-for-Hire Trial

The capital murder trial for the man accused of killing a pediatric dentist in 2015 continued on Wednesday with testimony from crime scene experts and the homicide detective who handled the case.

Dallas Police Department Detective Eric Barnes testified that it was witness accounts that placed a black Jeep Cherokee at the crime scene that started the process that ultimately led to the arrest of alleged gunman Kristopher Love.

Barnes said the owner of the Jeep later called police to say he recognized it in photos and that it was being driven by Brenda Delgado, not him.

Barnes testified that when he made contact with Delgado, who is charged with orchestrating the plot, she seemed prepared to offer an alibi.

“I don’t know I was going to speak to her, but she was prepared to talk to me,” Barnes said.

During his interrogation, Kristopher Love spent 20 hours with Barnes.

Videos of the interrogation were shown in court that show Love initially denying knowing alleged getaway driver Crystal Cortes before eventually admitting to knowing her and owning the gun prosecutors say was used in the murder.

Love denied being involved in the murder and eventually requested an attorney, ending the interrogation. 

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