If Your Cups Runneth Over, Smart Bra's for You

According to some reports, cups create more cleavage when wearer is aroused

A European lingerie company is bringing breasts into the space age with a so-called Smart Memory Bra.
The Lisca Lingerie bra uses NASA technology to read a woman’s body temperature to expand and contract accordingly. Translation: You get more support when you work up a sweat during a workout -- or, um, for other reasons -- and smoother coverage in chiller temperatures.

"That’s the advantage of this bra,” Lisca designer Suzana Gorisek told the Sun.  “As a woman’s body changes, so the size of the bra changes."

A spokesman for the Lisca, a Slovenian company, claimed the enhanced brassiere will allow women to feel comfortable and provide biological benefits no matter the weather or the circumstances.

“It’s healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit,”  the spokesman told the Sun.

So far the bra is in its gestation stage. Last week the bra debuted at a fashion show in Paris where it gained much attention from busty women and lusty men alike, but the company is still looking for places to sell the undergarment.

“We are still looking into distributors in all major European countries but we have had a lot of interest so far,” said the spokesman.

Once the fancy bra makes it to the United States it is expected to retail for about $40.

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