How to Avoid Dallas' New Reality TV

Bravo, Style, and Logo all have new Dallas-based reality shows coming to town -- so how can you stay out of them? For those who (like us) want to stay out of the "reality" spotlight and live in, uh, reality, here's our suggestions for avoiding the camera crews.

Forget Fashion: Our Abby Gregory caught Bravo's "Most Eligible: Dallas" crews at an August Alexander show in late March, which feels like just the tip of the iceberg for all these reality shows featuring stylish singles. Though we're not sure of some of the casting, we wouldn't be surprised to see one or more of the shows have models, stylists, or aspiring fashion designers as part of the party.

Party Down: Speaking of parties -- if it's a reality show, it's going to have nightclubs. We haven't gotten any scoops on where the crews have already been, but based on how the Super Bowl hit certain local clubs, plus our own theories on where the cast may party, we'd bet Zouk and Aura will be hit by Style and Bravo cameras, while Logo's crew might find a hangout in the Round-Up Saloon.

Dine Then Dash: Restaurants in town will have to deal with extra wine on the floor after all the cat fights that end with a Pinot Grigot to the face. Our Annie Potasznik caught some reality crews at Trece in late March and The Feast DFW's Melody Lowe has seen others shooting at Sfuzzi. We'd recommend avoiding any of this list of Restros to Be Seen In until the cameras bail.

Classy Clubhouse: Not that you're get a membership to a high-end country club just to rub elbows with some people who may be on TV, but if you were that kind of person, Dallas County Club might be the place to do it. That's where we'd bet Style Network's "Big Rich Texas" will be centering their "10-episode docu-series about five wealthy mothers and their daughters at an elite country club in Dallas."

McKinney Ave-NO: Just stay off McKinney Ave. They'll be there.

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