How About a Side of Beef?

Meat market says bulk business is good for customers in tough times

With families looking for ways to cut back, an old way of buying meat may be coming back in vogue.

Customers are lining up at an old-school Fort Worth butcher shop that sells meat in bulk, reducing profit margins and the prices that people pay.

The owner of the Country Meat Market on East Lancaster Avenue describes the shop as a "dying breed."

"There aren't many of us left who sell quarters and sides for families to stock up for long periods of time, but we do exist," he said. 

"I normally buy enough for a month," regular customer Tabitha Tobey said.

The store offers a three-month supply of beef for three people at a price of a little more than $300. If your freezer is big enough, they'll sell a six-month or 12-month supply.

In tough times, bulk purchasing will also save a family on trips to the store and to restaurants, the meat market managers said.

With a year's supply of beef, dinner is only as far away as the freezer.

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