Hotel Offers Airline-Style Pricing

Bring your own bed and save big

Airlines have mastered the art of "unbundling" costs, so what if hotels tried the same approach?

Can you imagine $20 to check a bag or $30 for a better seat.  Want to bring your cat along?  Hope you brought a hundred bucks.

In a snarky new promotion, California's Rancho Bernardo Inn is doing just that.

The hotel's "survivor package" challenges travelers to think hard about what they can really live without.  The rooms start at $219 a night.  Skip breakfast and the price goes down to $199.  Go without A/C or heat and it drops to $159.  

If you can get by without sheets, lights, linens, toiletries and a bed, you can stay for a mere $19.

Should we laugh, or weep for the future? 

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