Hot Brunch Spot: SMOKE

After a hard night of partying, brunch is the perfect way to either cap off or continue the party. And when the weekend hits, scores of people are heading over to SMOKE for brunch.

The restaurant at The Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff has its own signature style.

"I don't think there's anything like it in the area ... the unique style of cooking they do... There's nothing else like it," said customer David Walker.

Chef Tim Byres puts his own personal touch on brunch classics. Instead of steak and eggs, SMOKE offers Hungry Bear smoked ham steak with a farm egg fritter, sweet corn griddlecake and Dublin Dr. Pepper gravy.

Byres smokes a whole pig on-site and pulls it apart by hand to make his pulled whole hog barbecue eggs Benedict with goat cheese potato cakes.

Broiled raw sugar grapefruit with cheese hominy casserole (snag the recipe here) and blueberry and house made ricotta cheese pancakes topped with vanilla poached apricots satiate cravings from guests who have a sweet tooth.

Every menu item personifies SMOKE'S uncommon start to finish approach to making homemade food.

"We do literally cook everything from scratch. We call it scratch cooking. Everything is done on property. We smoke our own bacon, ham and salmon," said proprietor of SMOKE and The Belmont Hotel, Christopher Jeffers.

SMOKE is an Oak Cliff original. The kind of place you can bring family or friends for a fun brunch complete with awesome grub and a funky/cool ambiance.

901 Fort Worth Avenue
Dallas, Texas

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