Horrors of Fashion: Mantyhose

Mantyhose styles definitely turn us off to the "Men in Tights" style

If you're not a Merry Man nor a Shakespearean actor, the concept of men wearing tights might seem perfectly silly to you. While we'd agree, there are a supportive group of followers that want to make pantyhose a staple for chic menswear. We present this Horror of Fashion: Mantyhose.

The concept is pretty simple -- it's just pantyhose for men -- but the styles range from "pretty okay" to "what the hell" faster than you can sing the "Men in Tights" song from Mel Brooks' film. This look could be called "Greased Lightning meets the Pied Piper."  Another just screams "I was a prison inmate before joining the Ren. Fest!"

Many articles promoting pantyhose (or nylons, or tights, or support hose, or whatever you want to call them) on the site claim the benefits of wearing them -- including helping the circulatory system, keeping warm, and being less bulky than long johns or other underwear.

You'll have to make your own decision on whether than makes any difference to you -- we're staying away from these abominations.

And before you go saying, "Well, superheroes wore tights!" let us remind you that not many comic artists are also fashion designers. Bite me, Jim Lee.

Thanks to ShopTalk for the find.

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