Horrors of Fashion: Backtacular Coin Slot Cover


We all know "crack is whack," but so is this tramp stamp sticker that covers your "coin slot."

Known as the "Backtacular," the trapezoidal sticker is decorated with bedazzled butterflies, flowers, or  peace signs and sticks on your lower back, right at the top of your low-rise jeans' greatest foe -- the "plumber's crack."

Let's wrench this idea away from you -- spending the cash on this abomination of an accessory just makes you look like you don't know what you're doing. The sticker looks like a weird tag coming out of your pants, combined with the trashiness of a lower back tattoo without the commitment. What's the goal here? To cover your ass crack? How about wearing pants that fit? Won't that do the job better than a flashy sticker over your coin slot?

The one good thing the "Backtacular" does have going for it? You won't need this Lindsay Lohan approved product after all...

 Then again, maybe some good advertising would help. Here's some possible taglines we came up with:

  • Backtacular: For times when pulling your hoochie low-rise pants up is just too inconvenient.
  • Backtacular: For days when all your t-backs are at the cleaners, but you still want to tramp it up.
  • Or maybe, Backtacular: Bedazzling your coin slot since 2010.
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