Horned Frogs Ready to Thrive in the Desert

Horned Lizards -- or Horned Frogs as they are more commonly known in North Texas -- can thrive in desert conditions.  Good thing, since thousands of TCU Horned Frogs have scurried into the Phoenix area to cheer on the their team in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Several alumni events were scheduled in the Scottsdale area over the weekend, including a big pep rally with the TCU marching band, cheerleaders and Coach Gary Patterson. Thousands of fans clapped and chanted along to the cheers while fans waved TCU flags in the air. 

The Summers family was cheering, but not too loud. It's seems they're a house divided with their daughter at TCU and their son at Boise State -- TCU's opponent in the Fiesta Bowl.

"Over Christmas vacation, we just finally stopped bringing it up. It got too hairy," said Carissa Summers.

The siblings haven't waged anything on the outcome of the game, but Mark said he might have to feed the horses for a month if TCU wins. His wife Carissa said she had a side bet for back rubs.

"Well, there is definitely a bet in the family on who is going to win. I'm going to be a winner either way," said Mark.

TCU and Boise State kick off at 7 p.m. Monday night.

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