Historic Granada a Great Concert Hall

Old movie theater is perfect place to enjoy music

If you like music and history, the Granada offers both.

Owner Michael Schoder takes pride in the Dallas building, which will turn 65 years old this year.

"Oh, it's absolutely cool that we can have an iconic presence like the Granada still in existence, still running," he said.

Now a concert venue, the Granada has held on to its artistic roots since opening in 1946 as a 700-seat movie house.

"That's the magic of working at a place like the Granada, is that every night there is something brand new," Schoder said.

Musician Gus Samuelson of the band Big Gus & Swampadelic has played the Granada a handful of times. He says that everyone who performs there adds to the culture, unlike much larger venues with corporate names.

"Seems that everyone who plays here leaves a little bit of their soul, and so when you come here you feel that, and it inspires you that much more," he said.

Granada has personally touched him, too.

"This has deep meaning," Samuelson said. "This is one of my favorite venues to play."

Samuelson's motivation is linked to the Granada's Hollywood past.

"In fact, one of my fondest memories is, when I was younger, I came here when it was a movie theater, and Chet Adkins played here and being a guitar player, you know, going to see Chet Adkins is like going to the mountain," he said.

Bass player Gerald Johnson says the intimate setting is what makes the Granada unique.

"You get that energy exchange, you know, from us to them and back," he said. "It comes back, so you really have an opportunity to wind it up and make something happen, you know?"

Blake Trotter always enjoys seeing artists perform at Granada.

"It's great for good people going to see good music," he said.

And there aren't that many places like the Granada still around.

"They either got really old and renovated and turned into something else and who knows what, you know?" Johnson said.

Schoder said he feels he's lucky to own a part of history while helping shape the Granada's future.

"I can't believe they pay me to do this," he said.

Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75206

Big Gus & Swampadelic's Facebook Page

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly transcribed a quote to read Chad Atkins instead of Chet Atkins.

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