Hip Hip Hooray for Free Slurpee Day!

It's that time of the year again -- free Slurpee day returns once again to cool off folks sitting in triple-digit temperatures.

As every year, free Slurpee day falls on July 11(7/11, in numbers). A press release from 7-Eleven organizers was happy to announce that this 7/11 is extra special because 7-Eleven stores will be celebrating their "only 7/11/11 birthday this century."

Calendar equipped readers would be more excited if 7-Eleven was celebrating the second 7/11/11 in a century, as then it's likely that the Slurpee-powered time travel device was a success. But we digress...

Customers will receive a free 7.11oz Slurpee by stopping by their local 7-Eleven store on Monday, July 11, 2011. In at least one Dallas location, there will be a timed Slurpee drinking competition for exclusive 7-Eleven prizes -- so winners might get more than just a brain freeze.

Find you nearest 7-Eleven location by clicking here: 7-Eleven.com

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