High Heel Pain: More than Just Bunions

High heel pain at a younger age

Frank Heinz, NBCDFW.com

High heels have long been a way for women to gain confidence, but a new study out of England is proving they can also cause some real damage to a woman's legs.

In the study, published in the journal of experimental biology, women between the ages of 20-to-50 years were tested. The high heel wearers, who complained of discomfort when they switched to flats, had muscle fibers 13 percent shorter than the women in flats.

Doctor Raha Movarak with forest park medical center said he’s seeing these issues in more women, at younger ages.

"We're in a society now where we want to be more presentable in retrospect to the workforce we're in, so yeah, absolutely," Movarak said.

Heels can also cause foot issues like bunions calluses and corns.

To avoid these problems, Movarak said to alternate between heels and flats, and wear gel insoles to cut back on foot discomfort.

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