Hibashi Teppan Grill & Sushi Bar Debuts New Menu

New Recipes Feature Japanese, Korean Culinary Influences

Hibashi Teppan Grill & Sushi Bar, the United States' largest and most innovative Japanese restaurant concept, has launched a new menu with several new recipes created by Executive Chef Jay Kuma. Each of the new entrees features the influences of Korean and Japanese cuisine in Hibashi's increasingly popular Japanese Fusion culinary approach.

Among the featured items on the new menu are Chef Jay Kuma's Seared Tuna and Garlic Buttered Pine Mushrooms; the Hibashi Jewelry Bowl, featuring assorted fresh cut Sashimi over rice served with spring mix and tossed with red miso; Monk Fish with Apple Sauce; Lobster butter Yaki, deep fried asparagus and Ikura on black rice; and Foil Yaki Black Cod with Hibashi style miso; and stir-fried Spicy Pork and vegetables with red miso. The menu also features many favorite and fine proteins such as filet mignon, sea scallops, and Atlantic salmon.

Continuing on the Hibashi menu are such popular recipes as Poki Tuna, diced tuna tartar with ponzu sauce on a seaweed salad; Yellowtail - Peno, fresh yellowtail tuna with jalapeno; Hibashi Heaven, fresh salmon, tuna and yellowtail sashimi; and Halibut Ceviche, thinly sliced Halibut sashimi with diced vegetables. Traditional favorites such as Beef Tataki, New York strip seared and served sashimi style with ponzu sauce; Eggplant Dengaku, sautéed eggplant with garlic; and Haru Maki, Japanese style vegetable egg rolls continue on the flavorful Hibashi menu.

Hibashi also has an extensive fine wine and sake list with infinite range to always find the perfect accompaniment to the diverse flavors of the new fine dining menu.Hibashi Experience Provides Teppan Dining, Stellar Sushi and High Energy Flair Shows

Hibashi guests choose from an array of full-flavor recipes, including amazing and fresh cuisine prepared at one of 14 show-stopping Hibashi grills throughout the restaurant. At each Hibashi station, families and friends can fully enjoy the showmanship of Hibashi's trained chefs as they perform and prepare the finest Japanese dishes right in front of guests, with stunts with knives and colorful ingredients to delight the eye and the palate.

Hibashi guests can also select from more than 50 recipes of the freshest sushi at Hibashi's nearly 40-foot Sushi Bar, featuring the finest fish and seafood from oceans and streams around the globe. The artistry of such recipes makes the arrival of each sushi recipe at the table an experience in itself. "Most of the fish is flown in from Japan," Chef Kenny Chong said. "We only use Grade One sushi fish, only the best."

Hibashi blends flavors from around the world with modern Japanese dishes in their style of Japanese Fusion dining. Under the direction of Chef Kenny and Chef Kuma, the modern Sushi roll is taken to palate-pleasing extremes. Chef Kuma delights in creating new original rolls with the flavors of Asia and America, inspiring the creation of original sauces to complement and enhance the innovative blend of tastes. The White Dragon Roll dramatically demonstrates their philosophy of Japanese Fusion. "It's Spicy Tuna, Fried Shrimp and cucumber topped with Super White Tuna, drizzled with Bacardi 151 and served on fire," Chef Kuma said. Another is the Santa Maria Roll, a fiery combination of mozzarella cheese, red and green pepper, jalapeno, onion, lettuce, tortilla and spicy tuna. "One bite and you say 'Santa Maria!'" said Chef Kuma.

Guests who enjoy the energy and showmanship of an entertaining bar can enjoy Hibashi's Las Vegas style bar, with nightly "Flair Shows" when Hibashi bartenders toss bottles and mix classic drinks with stunts that delight and amaze audiences all around.

Hibashi's elegant private dining space is an ideal location for family and business celebrations, seating up to 35. Chefs Kenny Chong and Jay Kuma work with each guest party to design a special menu for each celebration. Guests also have access to state-of-the-art technology for presentations for business or family events on screen.

Information from Hibashi Teppan press release

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