Haunted House Survival Guide

Tips and tips for making through with your sanity

You know where to go, but how can you make it through a haunted house with your sanity? We have some tips and tricks for getting into, through, and out of a haunted attraction.

Getting there and getting in
Tip 1: Get Good Directions
Lots of “haunted” attractions use their remote location to their advantage, but those without good Google Maps skills (or an updated GPS) might have a hard time finding those that are “out there.” Check the attractions official website for directions or use their address to help you plot a route.

Tip 2: Be Prepared To Wait…Or Pay The Price
Lines get longer and longer outside popular attractions the closer you get to Halloween night. Be prepared to wait in line if you do attend at that time, or try to go earlier in the month, when the crowds are lower. Another trick to jump the lines is to pay for a trip right into the attraction. Prices can range from $5 to $15 for this feature in addition to the ticket price and are often offered by the larger or more popular attractions.

Tip 3: Don’t Try To Join The Show
Wearing costumes is a bad idea, since most attractions won’t allow you in with them on. Beyond that, once you’re inside, don’t try to add your brand of “jump out and scare” tactics in a group, you’ll look stupid compared to the rest of the attraction.

Getting through and getting out
Tip 1: Crowd Control
You won’t be alone in any attraction, so be kind to your fellow “victims” on your journey through. If you’re not brave enough to be in the front, try to follow in the middle of the group. Sticking towards the rear may only put you in a better position for actors to scare you from behind, a tactic often used to move a group through a specific area quickly.

Tip 2: Follow The Rules
Every attraction has specific rules for how they run their spot, so make sure you know and follow the guidelines. Most haunts don’t allow the actors to touch those walking through the haunt, but some have other items that could reach out and grab you. Vice versa, touching the actors could get you kicked out, even in the middle of the haunt, so follow the rules to have the best experience.

Tip 3: Know When To Cry Uncle
If it seems too scary to go on, know you limits and know how to get out of the haunt. Every attraction has a way to “chicken out” in the midst of the tour, so make sure you pay attention in case your need it.

Now that you can survive a haunted attraction, take a look at our picks for DFW area haunts.

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