Haunted House a Labor of Love Designed to Scare You to Death

Halloween is basically the Super Bowl for North Texas "haunters."

And on Wednesday, Dan Baker, Steve Hancock and Chris Parnell were ready.

The three Denton County men opened up their homemade haunted house in Lakewood Village for hundreds of kids waiting to scream their throats out.

"We're a haunted house," Baker said. "We're not a Disney feature. If you come in here, we're going to scare you. If you cry, we're going to make you cry more. If you throw up -- great; that's what we're going for."

The elaborate, maze-like haunted house built next to Baker's home took three weeks to construct.

Each room had a different theme designed to make people cringe in fear. The wooden walls lead to one room where "Bloody Mary" waits, and another room had fanged clowns waiting to get in your face.

Just before the "crypt keeper" opened the gate, hundreds of kids formed a line in the front yard. Many were trying to decide if they had the courage to go through the maze.

"But I hate clowns," one little boy yelled.

There was no charge to go in, but donations were accepted. Baker said the donations would be given to Dallas Children's Medical Center.

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