Has Rihanna Blown Her Shot at a Vogue Cover?

Things must have been pretty peachy between Anna Wintour and Rihanna. She made a splashy return to the spotlight and stage at Wintour's Met gala at the beginning of May, albeit in a rather strange tuxedo. A Vogue cover seemed guaranteed after the editor and singer were spotted getting even chummier at a Met-gala after-party at Monkey Bar. But the Insider is reporting that Rihanna is no longer in the running for a cover, after what appear to be nude photos of the singer leaked to the Internet. A source says Anna won't take Rihanna's calls anymore. (Did they talk regularly? And about what? Current events, like the rapid spread of swine flu? The latest research on the benefits of interval training?) We wonder if Rihanna's recent outfit choices were as much to blame for the fallout as the illicit photos.

In other news, Vogue just shot Rachel Alexandra. The horse. Anna Wintour apparently was taken with her after she watched her compete in the Preakness. To be fair, horses don't have the option of wearing denim mullet shorts. Or getting stars tattooed on their necks and guns tattooed on their torsos. Or wearing not-very-underwear-friendly painted-on pants with a buttonless zipper fly.

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