Hard Eight is a Sure Bet for BBQ

One Lone Star family is bringing Central Texas barbeque up north. Hard Eight BBQ started out as a gamble that quickly became a sure thing.

"None of us have ever been in the restaurant business before so we just kind of had an idea and went from there" says General Manager Chad Decker.

Chad Decker and his family decided to bet the house seven years ago and go into the restaurant business.

Diner Mike Duncan enjoys Hard Eight every time. "Oh, it's fabulous. I love coming over here. It's really good."

From brisket to sirloin to their signature sausage and two-inch pork chops, if it can be grilled, you can get it here.

Brad Goudie came back for more. "Second time for me, but definitely coming back a lot more," he told us.

One reason? It's the way they grill.

"It's the old German way of barbequeing. It's not really smoking. It's cooking over indirect heat with coals and that gives you a chance to taste the meat," explains Decker.

Diner Charlie Hillis likes it that way. "Well it's different we've been to a lot of barbeque places around here over the years and this one definitely has a different atmosphere and we like it you know so we keep coming back."

Virginia Sharma always comes back for the brisket. "Once they opened here my husband had to take me here because I love their food. It's real Texas barbeque."

Be careful, though, you don't want to come here too hungry.

"You have to watch out for ordering too much accidentally," diner John Cram told us, pointing to his heaping plate. "I'm sure I'll get through it sometime today."

This family-owned restaurant in Coppell offers catering and has two other locations finding success in Stephenville and more business in Brady.

"It's really taken off and I think people enjoy it a lot" says Decker.

Hard Eight proves it's OK to bet the house -- as long as you bet on a winner.

Hard Eight Locations:
Coppell, Texas
688 Freeport Parkway
Coppell, TX 75019

Brady, Texas
2010 South Bridge Street
Brady, TX 76825

Stephenville, Texas
1091 Glen Rose Rd
Stephenville, TX 76401

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