Happy Holidays! Now Scoot Over….

Travel experts expect fewer people  to fly the friendly skies for the holidays, but that doesn't mean passengers will have more elbow room.

"The planes are actually going to feel more packed then they have in the past, and that's because capacity is down from both DFW and Love Field," said Jennifer Gaines, of Travelocity.

Gaines said the big carriers are cutting the number of flights to certain cities, meaning more people will have to choose from less flights.

It's all part of the commercial airlines plan to protect their bottom line.

"Airlines are cutting routes, they're cutting itineraries, and they're using smaller planes where they can," Gaines said.

Procrastinators looking for a deal late in the season might also be out of luck.

Travelocity said the average cost of airfare from Dallas is at $393, up from $350 from eight weeks ago.

"Already from the Dallas area, we've seen airfares start to creep up as we get closer to the holidays," Gaines said.

Gaines, who also writes for a travel blog, said packed planes can also change a flight's takeoff. She said passengers should always check their flight status, just in case.

"The night before, get online, check your flight number, check your departure time. Those things could change," she said.

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