Dude, Where's My Guy-Liner?

It was all but inevitable. Yet another new trend in male grooming has emerged, and this time it's eye cosmetics. British brand Taxi Man has recently launched a new line of cosmetics for men that includes the cheekily named Guy-liner and Manscara. Though the company is positioning the products as a means of "enhancing" or "improving" one's appearance, these items will more likely appeal to the very young and the very trendy who pride themselves on their unique style and look up to indie pop stars.

Of course, the manufacturers know that their target audience is a limited one. Products such as these will probably find their buyers in major U.S. cities with a thriving fashion, music and nightlife scene, or in Japan or the European fashion capitals. And like all new trends, it will likely be picked up by the youngest among us, and a long time will pass before the trend filters down to the average guy. And while the idea may seem laughable now, remember that there was a time when an earring on man seemed outrageous -- now Grandpa has one. But there's no need to be alarmed just yet. You probably won't be seeing Bob from accounting sporting the new look by week's end, but you may be seeing a few smokey eyes on guys at the clubs in the months to come.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, according to the manufacturers, the Guy-liner pencil is chunkier than those sold to women, which makes for easier wielding by a big-fisted guy. That's good to know. After all, a burly construction worker trying to do his eyes with a skinny, lady pencil would look silly. Right?

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