Groupon Offers “Dallas”-Themed Getaway

TNT and Groupon teamed up to create a 5-star weekend in Dallas


The re-launch of the “Dallas” TV series has sparked an interest in tourism in Dallas. TNT and Groupon have teamed up with some Dallas businesses to create the "Dallas" VIP Experience.

On June 13, the day "Dallas" premiered, Groupon launched the "Live Like a Ewing" deal. “Dallas” fans who want to experience living the Dallas life for a weekend can snag this deal valued at $10,000 for $1,978 (the year the original show premiered).

For first time Dallas visitors, this Groupon getaway probably won’t break any preconceived stereotypes of cowboy boots, big cars, glitzy hotels and shopping.

Each two-person package gets two first-class airline tickets to Dallas and a private driver for the weekend to pick you up and take you to your home for the next two nights, a suite at Dallas' swanky Hotel ZaZa.

Within the next two days buyers will go on a private tour of the Ewing family home (Southfork Ranch), receive autographed memorabilia and a custom cowboy hat, boots and bolo tie, and $500 a person for a shopping at Dallas stores worthy of the Ewings themselves.

Finally you'll get a spa treatment and makeover, then head to dinner at the five-star Fearing's.
But if you live in Dallas, is it still a deal without the airfare? Here’s an estimated price breakdown:
- Two nights in a suite at Hotel Zaza - $1,030- $1,590
- Private SUV car service from Car Service Dallas- $1,600 for two days
- Fearing’s dinner for two - $200 and up
- $1,000 for shopping spree

That alone totals $5,430 -- and when you add the autographed memorabilia, boots, tie and gifts, and makeover at ZaSpa, it still looks like a deal.

The offer is available through August 8, 2012, for a weekend of fun on October 26-28, 2012. Click here to see more information.

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