Grilled Avocado is Making a Name for Chiloso

Mexican bistro where tacos are a family affair

At Chiloso Mexican Bistro in Rockwall the service is just as good as what's served between soft shells.

“Essentially we want to take the standards of a full service restaurant and put it in a quick-casual atmosphere. We want to have fresh food. We don’t have a freezer here. We wanted to make everything in house, which we do, and I want it to be very, very simple,” said creator David Balli.

When you experience Chiloso, it’s Balli sharing his childhood with you.

“When I was a kid growing up, just like most kids, your mom would ask you 'what do you want for dinner on your birthday?' Mine was always tacos,” said Balli.

Diner Cindy Swanson and her kids say Chiloso is a favorite.

“I tend to get the same thing every time I come. I get chicken tacos. My husband loves the grilled avocados, which a lot of people like. My kids always get the tacos. It’s one of the places in Rockwall, we have five people in our family, and it’s probably the only restaurant that all of us will agree on,” said Swanson.

But one of Chiloso’s most popular dishes isn’t a taco.
"One of our signature items is a grilled avocado where we take a fresh avocado and scoop it out of it’s husk, we season it, we toss some fresh lime juice. We put it on a flat grill and when you do that it kind of gets crusty on the outside, so we let it get chary on both sides of the avocado. Then we get a plate and we put queso sauce on the bottom of the plate and the we put the avocado on top of the queso sauce and then you choose your meat, we have roasted pork, grilled chicken, grilled steak, barbacoa, ground beef any of those meats and then you put those inside the open avocado and then we top that with a little California Jack cheese, some cilantro and a couple of lime squeezes on the side,” said Balli.

Chiloso offers meals for the morning, evening and night.

“We also have breakfast that we do everyday. We’ll do chorizo, sausage, bacon, grilled potatoes, refried beans and the same idea as lunch you kind of build your own breakfast taco whether you buy one or buy three,” said Balli.

Diehard fans have been known to have what’s called having the trifecta -- having breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the same day. The super fan has been known to do this in all three Chiloso locations, in Rockwall, Richardson and Wylie.

Over time, the popularity launched another wing of the business.

“It’s even amazed me because we’ve grown from just doing, say about 80% of our business is dine-in, we do a good amount of take out. But most people are going to come in, they’re going to dine in, but now over the years we’ve actually grown into a very big caterer cause our food really fits well with whether you have a casual setting or a dressy setting. We do a lot of weddings, we do a lot of rehearsals, we do lots of banquets,” said Balli.

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