Green Your Tax Return

Spending now might help you during next tax season.

Going green gives back to the environment and it can give back in other ways.

"Anything that is energy efficient that has to do with heating or cooling your home or keeping your house cool or warm depending, are all energy deductible," said tax advisor Dean Leonard.

Homeowner Trey Neville is building his dream green home by putting in energy saving appliances, a metal roof, double-paned windows, even a rain water cistern. Solar panels will provide electricity for the home.

"It really changes your perspective when you see how much we can do and how much we waste and how inefficient mass production home building has become," said Trey Neville.

A word of warning from the tax experts, while some appliances like tankless water heaters are deductible, other items, like energy star refrigerators and ovens cannot be claimed as deductions.

You can find information about energy star appliances by clicking here.

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