Reopened Green Room Bets on Deep Ellum

Feed me, wine me ... again

Nostalgia gives a soft nudge to the gut for those who pass through the Green Room’s door again. It’s as warm as its “Dutch” mussels steamed with Albariño wine are to the belly.

Co-owners Taylor Allday and Zenon Oprysk, general manager Sarah Smith and chef Joel Harloff are in charge of the newly opened Green Room. Its rebirth may indicate the resurgence of one of Dallas’ oldest, infamous and eclectic neighborhoods.

“The city has been doing a lot of work down here and really turned the neighborhood around," Oprysk said. "We thought that the Green Room has always been the heart of this block and this block has been the heart of Deep Ellum."

Community leaders have taken notice of the lit neon green "room" sign.

"The Green Room rebirth should put the city on notice that we are on our way back. With that staff and ownership combined with the quality of their food, the neighborhood has something very special here," said Barry Annino, president of the Deep Ellum Foundation.

It took Allday and Oprysk 18 months to make some minor changes, but the chandeliers fashioned from cymbals, front bar and fixtures are the same as from back in the day.

The menu concept dishing out American fare prepared with seasonal, local ingredients hasn’t changed, but it's delivery via the very capable hands of executive chef Joel Harloff has.

Snag his recipe for Quail Scamorza and herb gratin here.

“Everything is new … you can’t cook an old chef’s food,” said Harloff.

But the “Feed Me, Wine Me” house special is still offered. Diners can order a four-course menu crafted by Harloff specifically for their table. It’s priced at $49, or $69 with wine pairings.

Expectations are high for the fine dining restaurant because of its location and history.

“On any given night in the old Green Room, you could find a drummer from a local band sitting at one table, the mayor across the room and Eric Clapton in the corner,” said Oprysk.

Rock-star sightings aren’t yet a guarantee, but a cool dining experience unlike any other offered around town is.

Find it:
Green Room
2715 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75226

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