Grady Spears is Back

Fort Worth chef opens first restaurant with his name on the door.

Grady Spears quietly opened his new restaurant in Fort Worth's Berkeley neighborhood this month.

Grady's is what Spears does best  -- "Big portions and rich food.  Don't expect me to do Chinese or Japanese.  We didn't take any chances.  All the things on the menu are in my book (A Cowboy in the Kitchen) or have been in other restaurants," Spears said. 

His favorite item is the quail tostadas.

After being the chef and/or a part owner in restaurants that include Reata, Chisholm Club, Dutch's Burgers and Beer and Lambert's, this time his name is on the door.  Spears has resisted that kind of attention, but "this time they talked me into it." he said. Spears added he felt grateful and very lucky to have this opportunity.

Grady's seats about 90 and is only open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.  By mid-April, Spears expect to open the patio to accomodate more guests.  Later, seating downstairs will expand indoor capacity to 160.

Grady's is located at 2443 Forest Park Boulevard and is one of three restaurants in that same block.  Ruffino's  is just down the sidewalk; Sapristi! is across the street.  Reservations can be made at 817-922-9980 or after Friday, when their new Web site launches, at

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