Gourmet Yourself: TruFire’s Raspberry Hard Lemonade

Mix up a gourmet cocktail from one of Frisco's neighborhood gems.


“You won’t find schnapps anywhere in this restaurant” - David Kazarian, co-owner of TruFire.

TruFire Restaurant is committed to fresh ingredients and from-scratch recipes.  For the past two years, this Frisco gem has flourished through word-of-mouth advertising from its devoted neighborhood clientele.  In addition to praise for TruFire's original Italian and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, we’ve heard downright raves about the cocktails.

Co-owner David Kazarian is pleased as punch with the fact that his hotspot takes no shortcuts behind the bar.  Showcasing sweet seasonal fruits in place of artificially-flavored shortcuts, his 'tenders also blend their own syrups and sour mix. 

Getting thirsty?

Kazarian was kind enough to share the recipe for the restaurant’s new Raspberry Hard Lemonade.  Check it out and try your hand at gourmet bartending tonight!

TruFire’s Raspberry Hard Lemonade

Fresh raspberries
2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 oz. premium vodka
1.5 oz. sparkling wine
1 oz. simple syrup

1.  To make simple syrup, combine one part water and two parts sugar in a small saucepan.  Simmer until sugar is fully dissolved, and cool completely before mixing your cocktail.

2.  For the cocktail, place approximately one dozen fresh raspberries into a 16 oz. mason jar or wide-mouthed glass.  Muddle with the back of a wooden spoon.

3.  Add all remaining ingredients to the glass and top with ice.  Cover and shake well; garnish with fresh lemon slices, if desired.

TruFire Restaurant
6959 Lebanon Rd., #114, Frisco

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