‘Good Christian Bitches' Chronicles Back-Biting Christian Women

Tongues are wagging in Dallas about a single, working mom's new book.

Kim Gatlin's "Good Christian Bitches" is said to chronicle back-biting Christian women.

Gatlin said it's not a tell-all, "My purpose here isn't to hand someone their head," she said. "If I do something like that, I'm not any better than the people I'm writing about."

Gatlin, who lives in Highland Park, set the book in Hillside Park, an upscale Dallas suburb. The characters are back-stabbing, church-going women who use Bible study as a forum for gossip.

"I've had people call me and ask me to pray for somebody and all they were trying to, or praying about, something for them," she said of drawing on her own experiences for the book. "I knew they were just trying to get their side of the story in front of me."

Gatlin said the title may sound sacrilegious, but her intentions are pure.

"If one person stops and says, 'If I do this or say this, they're gonna think I'm a GCB,' and if they think better of it, then I've done a good thing."


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