Golden Globes Fashion: Boring or Bad & Where's JLo's Ring?

Jennifer Lopez's marriage to Marc Anthony may be breaking apart, at least if you believe the reports going around. But she sure had her fashion look together last night as she arrived for the Golden Globes.

SLIDESHOW: Golden Globes Red Carpet Critique by El

She wore a plunging V-neck, gold-bead gown as she marched down the red carpet for the event in Beverly Hills, California.

InStyle magazine editor Hal Rubenstein said Lopez "looks exactly like you want Jennifer Lopez to look."

What the El!?! Editorial:

The question for Rubenstein is what does THAT mean? I didn't like the look at all. I thought she looked like Gold Lame Barbie. It was too much like that green Grammy dress that had everyone talking.

And isn't that the point after all? No one's been talking about JLo since the babies were born, so she wears that dress, and she stop wearing her ring and problem solved, everyone's talking.

After all, would you show up with your hubby if you were on the outs? Not unless you want people talking!

It's so sad how transparent some celebrities can be. 

Also stealing the spotlight on the red carpet was Beyonce, who was also rocking the beaded look.

She wore a beaded Elie Saab gown with a high slit up the leg.

She was POURED into that dress. She looked nice it just looked uncomfortable!

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