Goat's Milk Gets Your Skin Fraiche

Traci Bell treats her goats like members of her own family, which is important considering what they give in return -- their milk.

"I just had kids who were allergic when they were little, allergic to cow's milk, so I started buying goat's milk from a young teenage boy and then just decided that I had enough land for my goats," Bell said.

The amount of milk Bell's goats produce is crucial for Johnan Ratliff, founder of Fraiche, organically certified bath and body soaps.

"By purchasing all certified organic ingredients, we are insuring that those ingredients are grown without chemicals," Ratliff said. "That is better for the Earth."

Everything at Fraiche is made by hand.

"We do try to appeal to all senses and make it a wonderful luxury gift," Ratliff said.

Products range from soaps which look good enough to eat (but you can't really)  to bath swizzles for when you want to relax.

"Bare Naked is our best seller," Ratliff said. "It's a pear-melon fragrance ... It's just so light and fruity, and it appeals to a mass amount of people."

Ratliff not only makes her products here in North Texas, she also tries to find her ingredients locally.

"Goat's milk is important because it's wonderful for sensitive skin," Ratliff said. "Far fewer people are allergic to it, and it's also wonderful for mature skin."

Two qualities that keep Bell and her gaggle of goats going strong.

"It's pretty neat that someone comes and takes so much milk at a time and takes it down the road and makes soap with it," Bell said.

You can reach Traci Bell at 940-365-2776.

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