Give Your Friends the (Chicken) Finger

Raising Cane's new social media campaign wants you to "give your friends the finger."

The chicken finger, that is.

The restaurant is giving away one free chicken finger to each member in their "Caniac Club," and others that print off an online coupon on Friday.

Apparently, June 27 is National Chicken Finger Day. Really.

“This is a day when we say, ‘Thank you,’ to all of our most loyal customers -- our Caniacs -- for their steadfast support of our restaurant,” said Todd Graves, founder and CEO of Raising Cane’s.

The club members will automatically receive a credit for the finger on their membership cards, but others will need to head to the company's Facebook page. Click here to do that.

“We have more than 250,000 Facebook friends, so we’re excited about giving them a free chicken finger and inviting them to share one with their friends in celebration of National Chicken Finger Day,” said Graves.  “After all, who wouldn’t love a free chicken finger?”

In summary, Raising Cane's wants to give a quarter of a million people the finger on a made up holiday. At least it's free.

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