Have a Birthday, Get Free Stuff

Once you’re considered “over-the-hill,” the only bonus to having a birthday is getting free dessert from your favorite restaurant. 

But you might actually welcome the additional candles on your birthday cake once you hear this: 

You can get free stuff galore through the website freebirthdaystuff.com

Celest Benn, a stay-at-home mom from West Hartford, started the site, which offers thousands of offers from free car washes to entry into Disney theme parks. 

And while some might worry about bogus birthdays ruining the fun for everyone else, Benn doesn’t.  She says, “Absolutely no one celebrates a birthday alone.”

If you sign up, you get e-mails in the two weeks leading up to your birthday and then you get the coupons.

Wait, there are more creative ways companies are giving birthday perks to keep customers happy. 

Mailing customers of Origins Makeup and Cosmetics get a $10 coupon and pampering party with friends for turning a year older. 

Banana Republic and Old Navy offer their customers $15 birth-month coupons, while DSW and Nine West offer email savings to their birthday celebrants as well.

Of course, people do like food, so free birthday food, whether it's cake or an entree, is never bad. Frugalliving.tv did some research and published a list of just about every place out there that will give you something for getting older.

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