Get Your Valentine a Bird…Or a Bug

Fort Worth Zoo offers bird (or bug) adoptions for Valentine's Day

Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?  Here’s a wild idea: adopt a critter from the Fort Worth Zoo.

The zoo has put dozens of African and Rockhopper penguins up for adoption ahead of February 14.  Of course, you won't get to keep them in your backyard, but being an adoptive parent will get you a certificate and a plush version of your new family member.

Choosing the “lovebird” option will get  your family double the penguins (both real and plush) along with two tickets to the zoo so you can pay them a visit.

Not feeling warm and fuzzy this time of year?  Send the object of your animosity something a little less loving.  Ten bucks gets you a cockroach – and the chance to send your enemy a stinging note.

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