Worth the Drive: Get Thee to Sherwood Forest

With the likes of Russell Crowe and Kevin Coster in the leading role, it's been more than awhile since Robin Hood and his band of merry men have filled out a pair of tights.  Unless, of course, you count Cary Elwes and his band of merry Men in Tights.

Sure, you could spend this weekend watching all three films on DVD, but why not slip into some green hose, you know you have some, and head over to Sherwood Forest.  It's just a three and a half hour drive south of Dallas-Fort Worth and you'll have plenty of company.

Filling 106 acres of Central Texas forest, the Sherwood Forest Faire, near McDade, which is east of Austin, runs every weekend now through April 3, plus Friday, March 18.

This is the second year for the faire, which features "fun and merriment" as well as crafts and food. Plus, of course, plenty of people in costume.

"Besides the familiar characters of Sherwood Legends, there are countless Lords and Ladies, Craftsfolk, Knights, Barbarians, Wizards, and Fools to meet along your way," according to the Sherwood Forest Faire website.

"Faeries, Elves, Goblins, Trolls, and the like," can be found at the faire, as well as William Shakespeare -- 400 years before his time --- but who's counting?

There's a full-contact joust show with, who else, the Knights of Mayhem, a mud show with The Filthy Rotten Scoundrels and wine tastings with Madame Ghislaine.

It's not all about the adults either, there's a "wee folk jousting" and The King's Carousel.

While we have never been to the Sherwood Forest Faire, a couple of North Texans have left their rave reviews on the website.

Sherwood Forest Faire
1883 Old Hwy 20
McDade, Texas 78650
Performance Schedule Feb. 26 & 27

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