Get Ready, ‘Idol' Wannabes

"Idol" hopefuls have about a week to book those final singing lessons, bust out their big hair or bikini gimmicks, and pick out that killer song that will impress the judges and get you a ticket to Hollywood.

Season 9 auditions for "American Idol" will be held at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on June 26, with registration days on June 24 and 25. Auditioners should register on one of those days, then return on audition day for the actual "singing" part.

There is an exhaustive FAQ on the "America Idol" website (linked right here) that answers so many of your burning questions.

A point of order, though: "AI" calls these the "Dallas" auditions again, although they're in Arlington -- which isn't even in Dallas County. Come on, "American Idol;" call them the Dallas-Fort Worth auditions, for Kelly's sake!

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