Get a Social Media Passport to Restaurant Deals

Thanks to a North Texas company, social-media-savvy diners are enjoying deep discounts off their bill.

Premium Passport's "A" List program features restaurants where diners can get at least 50 percent off their meal.

The best part? It doesn't cost a dime.

Premium Passport posts several deals every week on Facebook and Twitter. But you have to check often -- the deals are generally only good on the day they are announced.

Michael Taylor, president of Premium Passport, said he expects the "A" List to keep growing.

"You know, the first event or so, we were probably around, maybe, 20 or 30 people showed up, but quickly within two or three weeks, we started breaking 100 people," he said.

Premium Passport started as direct mailer for high-end businesses, but has been expanding into other areas such as the "A" List.

"We've been growing the company to several different areas over the last 10 years, and we'll continue to add a few more areas over the next three or four months," Taylor said.

Aaaron Saginaw, one of the original "A" List members, said he has saved hundreds of dollars.

"Getting to eat at an expensive place for an inexpensive price is kind of nice, so yeah, I've definitely saved," he said.

He said the program has introduced him to restaurants that he would visit again in the future.

And Saginaw said it's more than just getting good food at a big discount.

"You see similar faces, you always see new faces, so it's kind of a cool social thing too, in a way," he said.

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