Get A Room At The Dris'KILL Hotel

An overnight stay for Halloween spirit

Back in the day when the nuptial night actually meant something… in a time where newlyweds waited until married to seal the deal, it’s likely many a bride found herself sorely disappointed by the package (or lack thereof) she had ended up with -- for life.

Perhaps it was just such a scenario that pushed two young newlyweds in room 525 at the Driskill Hotel (hello, the word ‘kill’ is in it’s name) in Austin to commit suicide.

The urban myth is that the two women, who were on their honeymoon in the hotel twenty years apart, took their own lives in the bathroom of the room.

Closed and bricked up for many years, room 525 is now open for the Halloween season. What better way to get in the spirit than with an overnight stay there?

For couples that are a bit ‘sick’ or ‘twisted,’ or that want a third person in the room without having to physically deal with the added drama, this spooky getaway may be Worth the Drive.

A caution: remove all sharp objects, rope, medication and any other accoutrement of a self-imposed trip to the hereafter from the bathroom should you decide to stay. is not responsible for any creepy consequences that may result from pursuing this Worth the Drive article.

Find it:
Driskill Hotel
604 Brazos St.
Austin, Texas

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