Generic Brand Taste Test

Many know generic brands of food can save you money, but will you really lose quality for a good value?

The Dallas Morning News has done two generic taste tests; first on Oreo knockoffs, and more recently on breakfast cereals. In summary, both say the same thing: If you find the right generic brand, the results are often "good enough," and will definitely save you money.

Our own personal experience fits right in line with the taste tests, in fact, our trips to the grocer feature more generic or store brands that name brands in most cases.

But what items will you never buy a generic version of?

Around our cubes, we agreed that soda is top on that list. (Dr. Thunder just can't compare to Dr. Pepper, even when it's half the price) Our crew also thought condiments like ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing needed that brand name "extra-goodness."

Most of us felt the same way about chips and crackers. "Cheez It is the only one who can make that white Cheddar cracker correctly," one of our editors proclaims.

Our most value-seeking editors reminded us that sometimes the brand name coupons drive down the price to near, equal, or lower levels when compared to the generic version. In those cases, they mentioned they almost always pick the lower cost, so brand names can come home more often than those not clipping coupons (or clicking them from our Penny Pinching blog).

So now it's your turn. What brands have to come home with you, Townies?

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