Garland Joins Food Truck Bandwagon

City relaxes food truck ordinances

City leaders in Garland recently tossed out some tough rules to allow more gourmet food trucks.

The city took out two major rules from ordinances that had not been changed in nearly two decades. Customers now can drive or walk up to food trucks, and the trucks can sit at local businesses or private properties for as long as they want. Food safety regulations remain the same.

"It's about creating an interesting experience, bringing visitors to downtown Garland and creating that rising tide that's going to float all the boats here,” said Councilwoman Laura Perkins-Cox, who, along with Councilman John Willis, pushed for the changes.

The city said the original rules were written to shield from truck businesses from unfair competition from regular restaurants.

Wim Bens, the owner of Lakewood Brewery, said he thinks the changes are a good idea.

"It absolutely makes business sense," he said . "I think it's a great idea. Just as craft beer is catching on, craft food is catching on, too."

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