Frisco Fathers Hope To “Slow Down Frisco” One Driver At A Time

A group of Frisco fathers is afraid of what might happen every time their children play in their front yards so they've launched a grassroots campaign and Web site called

"Cars are zipping by at 40, 50 or even 60 miles per hour and it's scary," said Cris Bengis. "We just got fed up."

The Web site asks drivers to make the "20 is Plenty" commitment. It's a promise to drive 20 miles per hour or slower in a residential neighborhood. The campaign is still in the early stages, but more than 100 people, including several Frisco City Council members, have made the pledge.

Residents all along their street admit they have yelled at speeding drivers to slow down, but said it has done little to actually deter speeders.

"This is young family central," said Cathy Thiesen, a Frisco resident. "Kids are constantly playing outside and we can't let them play kickball in the street because of the concerns about the cars."

The Slow Down Frisco group envisions yellow "20 is Plenty" signs all over Frisco, and perhaps, elsewhere.

But for now, the fathers said they are trying to "Slow Down Frisco" one driver at a time.

"We don't want some child to be killed and then action to take place. We want to take preventative action," Chuck Atlman said.

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