Chit Chat With Amy

Did you try my gardening tips? I hope so! This week's rain has been terrific & my newly planted seeds decided to show themselves in the last few days. Now if I can get my husband to put up the chicken wire so the rabbits don't feast on the seedlings before they get a chance to grow!

I finally received my KASHI FREE ENTREE coupon...feel like I've been waiting on that forever! AND tons of free magazines have been coming in weekly! Martha Stewart Living, Woman's Day, Southern Living, Elle Magazine, and more. Did I mention I love free?

And best of all...I facilitated my very first ever Couponing for Dummies class! Can you believe it? It was such a great time! My oh-so-great neighbor & friend, Danise, had over 15 of her friends over to learn how some serious couponing can greatly impact their budget. We had a great time & it was time to go home before I knew it! I learned some great tips from the ladies, too! We even had the Customer Service Manager from my local Krogers in attendance. It's so fun to personally meet some of the folks I see so regularly now!

Went to Canton with my family today & picked up a few plants. I'm looking forward to some super juicey watermelon, tomatoes, and peppers. I love this time of year!

Talk soon!


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