Free To Shoot Fireworks

Fireworks enthusiasts drawn to the country

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At Mr. Big's fireworks stand in rural Collin County, the biggest draw may not be all the pop, crack and sizzle.

Rather, it's the 21 acres behind the stand where people can actually set the fireworks off, legally.

"It's a blast. I mean, where else can you go out and fire fireworks anymore? No where," says Mark Manning, customer.

It's the reason Nate Bullard bought the unincorporated piece of property east of Lake Lavon three years ago.

"You go anywhere from here, Dallas, Plano, you're all in the city. Nobody's allowed to shoot fireworks," said Bullard. "You cross that bridge. You're in the country. You can shoot all you want."

11-year-old Hank Schurig's been itching to come back here since last July 4th.

"I had so much fun, 'cause everytime you fired one it just kind of popped back your arm," said Hank Schurig.

His mother, Connie, feels good about it for an entirely different reason.

"We like it, because we see the fire department out here. We see the police department out here. We feel safe as a family," said Connie Schurig.

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